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Lilly at Solely Solomon Aviaries cares about her Eclectus parrots. Since 1996, Lilly has raised hundreds of parrots in a closed operating aviary and personally hand-fed babies until they are weaned and eating vegetables.


With over 18 years of experience, Lilly is here to help you make informed decisions about your Eclectus parrot. She knows how important it is to your family to have a loving feathered friend in the house.

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Enjoy the beauty of Solomon Island Eclectus! It may be hard to pick just one.


The males are green, turqouise, and red under it's wings, while the females are blue, red and purple.

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A perfect gift for your family

Solomon Eclectus parrots are the perfect gift for your family. They are affectionate, friendly and smart! Since Eclectus parrots live up to 40 years, you and your family can grow together.  

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"No one could ask for a better breeder than Lilly. Thank you so much for making us fall in love with eclectus."

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