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Everything your Eclectus needs in toys

Toys are important, especially for the Eclectus parrot. Since they are such clever creatures, they require exercise every day and will enjoy playing with their toys!


Stimulating your pet can lead to a much happier and fulfilling life for them. That's why Solely Solomon Aviaries specializes in the best parrot toys on the market today. Your feathered friend will love them!

Keep your Eclectus happy and healthy with toys

Call Lilly to select your parrot toys - from swings to ropes, ladders and chains, we'll keep your parrot busy. Call Lilly Solely Solomon Aviaries for our latest stock of bird toys and other related parrot accessories.

• Swings

• Foraging toys

• Rings

• Chains


A company that cares about you and your Eclectus

Appreciate working with Lilly who is has 18 years experience and knowledge about raising Eclectus. Take advantage of Lilly's advice for feeding, playing and other daily needs.  View our health guarantee.

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• Ladders

• Ropes

• Perches

• Bells


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