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My little sweetie is doing great!


I love these babies. They train well. - Abby


Hi Lilly - Today is BOZ's birthday he is 1 year old today - thank you for a wonderful boy. Trudi & Mert


Lilly this is Darlene Bice. Just wanted you to know Teka is doing well. She is eating well now and is adapting to our family. Thanks for your help.


The boy is SO sweet and adorable! The girl (I think her name will be Poppy) tries to bite and fly away. I moved them into the Super-sized cage. They didn't have room to move around!


We are definitely happy with Ruby and the kindness you have show us throughout this process. - Gracie & Enzo


Pickles say hi first mom!

We finally got a cute name for him. Pickles stuck. He is such a joy!!


We are awaiting her new cage and other items. We love her already!


Hi Lilly, this Tracie Stein. Just an update on my baby girl.. She is doing great! Oh my she is a eater! Eating all her veggies and rice and the pellets! Can't believe how this little girl puts away all that food!

She is not phased by all of my dogs and cats and comes to the bottom of the cage to see them. I have named her Lilly after you and also because my favorite colorful flowers are Lilly's. Such a sweetie she is, Thank you for sharing her with me!


Hello there. You sold me a female eclectus right during Hurricane Harvey, I think it was. We named her Gabby and she is the light of our family's lives. I have meant to email or text you many times, and then I get busy and forget. Gabby has been a specimen of Health oh, she loves to go for rides in the car especially to take my oldest daughter to school everyday. She has never learned to talk or mimic although she's very responsive when I try to teach her. She has free run of the house and returns to her cage every night promptly at 6 p.m. she has been such a delight in my life. - Tami Randolph


Lilly thank you so much for our new family member.  He is healthy, happy and very loving.  The time you spent hand raising him is evident as he is very gentle and sweet.  He is quickly developing relationships with all the kids and other family pets although the cat may have ulterior motives.  We are looking forward to watching him develop. Kristin


I purchased Patsy, the red female, and Patrick the green male from Lily in November of 2016. They are beautiful healthy Birds hand-selected by Lily and a loving part of our family. Lily was excellent to deal with and carefully selected the perfect birds for my family. In March 2016 the parrots traveled from Pennsylvania to Montana with us when my husband and I moved to Montana and were quite the commentators on the trip. They love to run around, see what Mischief they can get to and make their opinions known. They are trying to talk right now. Lily's been available if I have questions or concerns and we've nicknamed her Grandma Lilly. I couldn't ask for a better breeder and our business dealings and personal have been excellent. Thank you Lily God bless you@ Patsy and Patrick send their love to Grandma Lily!


Hi Lillie,

Just want to tell you how happy the family is with our new arrival of Cleo.  She is beautiful, adventurous, and curious.  You have been just great with all your help and knowledge.  You answered all my questions and calls.  I had called many people before I chose you.  Your professionalism was unmatched.  There is definitely a big difference in dealing with a professional breeder vs. a bird mill.  Thank you for your love and affection for the eclectus parrots.  And thank you again for all you have done to help Cleo with her transition to our home.


The Grantham Family

You and your birds mean the world to me .What you all did for me when my "Georgie boy" died after having him for 28 years and you sent me George "Junior". I didn't want another bird but after crying for days, God sent me to your website. I contacted you and you were so understanding with my loss. Your knowledge and Love of the breed made me feel so much better. I am now the the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy, "junior". He is healthy, eating the fabulous diet you told me about and starting to learn to play. He has filled the empty space in our family's lives but we still miss George. The best thing I did was getting another. Your help was amazing in this adventure with shipping and everything. My heart is filled again. I am so glad God sent me to you and I can call you at anytime with questions and advice. God Bless You.


Hi Lilly, just wanted to Thank you so much for my Beautiful Pair of eclectus, they have settled in so easy and are doing so well .Only been here a few days and already so trusting, not scared at all.Which tells me they have been cared for and loved .They are also very good eaters ,didn't seem to skip a beat.I just love them ,thank you again and Aloha Charlene


Hi Lily,

The bird is such a blessing on our home. She is getting tons of love and has won my wifes heart.

Thank you for a quality bird.

Steve Bond


Good morning, Lilly!   I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with baby Shayna. She's a beautiful girl and as sweet as the day is long. She's getting used to her cage and is enjoying all of her new toys. She's an excellent eater, which makes me very happy.

Thank you so much for trusting me with this incredible bird. My household is now complete!

I'll take more pics and send them your way as Shayna becomes more comfortable in her new surroundings.

Blessings to you,

Susan and Shayna


Hi Lilly!!! This is Debbie Cascino in PA!!! I hope you are well and Mom is doing well, too!!! I wanted to give you an update on baby Twiggy. He is doing fine. He is still a good eater and continues to try new foods I give him. He loves playing with his toys and is becoming very vocal. I can tell he is going to talk, as I can hear his tone, and it sounds like me. He has started walking around the living room floor by himself and following Pepper. Twiggy has made his first trip back home to Rochester to visit and did wonderfully. He mastered his travel cage in about a half hour and was climbing in and out like a master climber!! He's a good boy but mischievous as well. I know he knows his name but doesn't want to admit to it. HAAAAA!! He lets me give him plenty of kisses and will stand very still when I kiss his beaky.

Thank you, again, Lilly, for being such a good mommy to all those Solomon's. They are truly special. I hope you and your family are doing well.

Sincerely, Debbie C.


Hi lilly!! I hope you are well, as well as your family, and all the eclectus parrots!! I hope mom is doing well, too! I just wanted to tell you that twiggy (1771) is doing wonderful!! He is still eating very well and likes to try new food items if I give them to him from my hand. He also spends more time out of the cage now and likes to hang out on the play top. He goes in and out now by himself and is really doing well with responding to "up-up." Ive noticed that he is doing kiss sounds and heard him getting a little more vocal with what sounded like "come on," when I'm enticing him to join me on the floor or the couch. He is very sweet and is coming along nicely. He lets me kiss him on the cheek and head and lets me hold him to my body as we go up and downstairs. What a good boy!!!!

I just wanted to let you know how he is doing and oh he loves playing with his toys and is getting really good at using his foot to hold items!!

I hope all is well with you and yours and will keep you posted as to how my baby is getting acclimated.

thanks again lilly for everything and thank you for being a good mommy to the solomons!!

Debbie Cascino



Hi Lilly! Hope you are well!! I just wanted to let you know baby Twiggy is doing wonderfully for his first week home. He is sweet and very very shy. He is starting to know his name already and is getting around his cage better. I am gently exposing him to the apartment and different rooms. He enjoys the big tree limb I have in the spare bedroom and likes the thick cotton rope I have as a "ladder." It has big knots in it, and I bet one day he will figure out how to climb up and down it. He's very smart. Pepper, my cockatiel, loves him, too! I just wanted to give you a quick update and hope to work on giving him a bath this week, as per your instructions.

I hope you are well, Lilly, and I hope Mom is doing as well as she can be. I've been thinking about her and keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.

Best regards,




Hi, Lilly, our baby girl is doing great...My wife was thrilled to say the least.  Shortly after I got home my father in law who should be called the "the bird whisperer" came by...We gave her about an hour or so to attempt to come out of her carrier with the door open...After,  we tried to coax her out with her apple pieces.  After a little more time we decided to ever so slowly remove the top of the carrier..That did the trick..Once she could see 360 all around she was very comfortable from that point on..My father -in -law was able to get her to get up on his finger then hang out on his shoulder..After a couple hours he could clutch her into his chest with no squawks or fears whatsoever...I thought he was going to have to take her back to Florida with him with him. LoL!!!   He told me to be a little more assertive when getting her to perch on my hand.  Not to hesitate when going close to her and always show her that the handler is not timid...Now im able to easily get her to perch on my hand as well...She responds with great attention as different voices were being projected at different areas of the room...My father in law advised she not utilize our african greys old cage.  Luckily, my  wife had a spare 2x2 cage to use for a couple days...I've ordered her a great big cage that will be here in a couple days... 36"l x26"W 65"H..I will be sure to send you more pictures when she is in her new cage...My wife and I couldn't be happier!!!  I will keep you posted...Jared




Hi Lily, Just thought I would send an update on our birds.  We bought our female in 2013 and our male in 2014.  Both are very affectionate and their vocabulary is rapidly expanding.  We have seen other Eclectus in neighborhood bird stores but they look nowhere near as healthy as our birds from you. Kent Kulow



Hello Lilly, I just wanted to thank you for all the help and questions you answered about my concerns for this breed. Growing up around my mother’s pet store and living in a house filled with all kinds of crazy pets, I had owned and been around many different parrots in my lifetime. I have always wanted a large parrot of my own …well, that my little sister wouldn’t bond with and beg me to keep ….Yes my sister is a bird stealer/Hoarder (I had a sun conure “Mr. Peepers” and a love bird named “Burt” ) So after marriage and buying my first home, I can finally have my own !!!! After many years of knowing which breed I wanted I researched EVERYTHING you could possibly read on the internet and in books from pet stores about the varieties of Eclectus & care! Even after all that reading I still had many questions and wanted a male ONLY because a lot of people have told me females are always bad and hate to be held and will bite you if you stick your hand in the cage. I am so happy you took the time to get to know me, because you picked the perfect parrot for me! I can’t believe how crazy all those websites sound now about females! My little girl constantly wants kisses and to be held all the time! Female Eclectus get a terrible rap! So thanks again for steering me towards her because she is my whole world now! - Cassie



Oh yeah not a problem! You deserve it you've helped out many many people and all us appreciate it and love ya for it and everything you've helped us with our little feather friends! I love Eclectus now thanks Lilly! I'll never forget that day I got a phone call from you returning my phone call about EKKIES! You where so nice from day one! And also sooo helpful! And you still are thanks so much Lilly! Have a great and blessed day! :) Brandon



Hey Lilly it's been quit some time since I got Crimson (Female) Eclectus. She's great she took to me and the first day! She wanted right out of that Carrier and wanted on my lap she's such a sweetheart thanks so much Lilly I would recommend anyone to you for an Eclectus parrot! You send out healthy happy babies! :) thanks so much.




-  "We got Venus and she was a little scared, but we sat with her for a while to let her get her land legs. You did a great job wrapping her up - we had my big blanket and wrapped her up like a little package. My brother sat with her in the back trying to calm her down. When we got home, we made sure the house was nice and warm and opened up her crate to offer her water. She drank a little and then decided she was getting out of there, so she flew to the floor. We didn't expect that, so I got a soft towel and put her in her new cage, which she really didn't know what to do with. She hasn't talked much but we are trying every day, and she eats very well and loves all her food, even grapes as a treat. We need to let her get to know us better as she is nipping, but not really biting. The thing we want to know is it too early to get her a roommate. We just purchased a big cage and now want to get a male to keep her on her toes. Do you think it is too soon or should we wait a while? Let me know! We just love eclectus and want both of them. Everyone that has seen her can't get over her color and we can't wait to have them see our male. No one could ask for a better breeder than Lilly. Thank you so much for making us fall in love with eclectus."



- "I just wanted to let you know that my new baby boy is doing fine. He's a good eater and is healthy and happy. He arrived to Phoenix on time and in good condition. The diet you setup is great. My Vet likes the fact that he has been weaned to pellets instead of Seed. I would recommend your birds to anyone. Thanks, Jil Jil."



- "It is a pleasure to write my testimonial and say what a fabulous bird I have and what a wonderful job Lilly did for me. Sami is a 3-1/2 month old male, sweet, tame, well-adjusted and ready to be a great little companion for me. Lilly put a great deal of thought into making this perfect match, even to the point of changing the bird she would send me as the time approached. I am so grateful to her for making that call. Her communication and her willingness to address my concerns throughout our process were first rate. When I first spoke with Lilly, she gave me her recipe for his vegetable-rice medley and specifics about how I should handle him upon his arrival. She already had him eating from a big crock dog bowl on the bottom of the cage, where he will make a minimum of mess. Her food plan transferred seamlessly to our routine. I had read that for this breed of birds their vegetables are a big issue for their success, so I feel fortunate that she had this so well established and passed on the details to me. I was very nervous about Sami’s shipping, but my concerns were unfounded. Lilly found a direct 3-1/2 hour flight for him from Houston to Southern California, and United did a great job of getting him here. We picked him up at Cargo, where we could drive right there without having to park. Lilly had advised me to keep him in his travel cage until we got him home. He seemed plenty happy to get out of that little box when we arrived home, then he nibbled on a few pellets and fixed himself on a comfortable perch on one foot, indicating that he was done for the night. One suggestion, give Lilly a little budget to select some toys for your new bird. She will send you some great ones that you cannot buy in a store. Jess from Sothern California."



- "Hi Lilly, its Suzie, the most impatient person you will meet. I wanted to tell you that I was apprehensive about purchasing my little man from across the states, and when we got him I wanted nothing more than to pick him up and cuddle with him as I was able to do that with my 2 year old macaw since 3 months old... But I listened and read about his breed and listened again to keep myself in control. Oh it is worth it for sure! We have now had him in our home for 2 months and we are a large family of 6 kids, 2 adults, 3 cats, 1 dog, and a macaw. And holiday company! He watched everything we did for over a month from the confines of his cage as I wasn’t certain if I opened the door if I could retrieve him if he took off without a problem. We did open the cage door after a few weeks and the progress began and hasn’t ended. Holy cow, please, anyone who adopts a baby, I can’t stress enough to give them time. It’s ok, they will be with you for 30 or more years - there is no rush. Let them be secure in their new home and you will never regret it! Take baby steps and do your research on this breed. They are shy, observant, and quiet, but that does not mean your family will not reap the rewards you are seeking and I look forward to many years to come with this precious baby. He thinks we are a nutty family, and he has already started to join the nuts as he baby chatters and mimics my macaw already. I can’t wait for our future and I’m so thankful to you Lilly for our little man Louie Lou! He still acts like he wants to eat us, but we know as he puts his little foot up to step up that he just isn’t quite sure, and that’s ok with us. We will wait for him as long as he needs. PS, he's a messy piggy! Spoiled boy. Pictures to post in the spring!"



- "Hey Ms. Lilly! Just wanted to check in and let you know how our wonderful Comet is doing, as well as his older girlfriend Nova. Well I think they are finally almost able to be housed in the huge mansion of a cage together. They play all day together and even sleep together on the same perch, maybe because it’s the highest perch. They love chattering to each other each night about an hour after dinner, which is at 6. I bet they're already fine to house together, but because of this species female's well-earned general reputation for being a bit dominating and more bossy than the males, I’d rather do it slowly since she could probably do a lot of harm. He's almost 8 months to a year younger than her. They used to argue once an hour because Nova wanted something or for him to move out of her way, and we would have to remove one of them so the beaking didn't escalate. Well now they rarely bicker and today was so funny because I gave them both their OWN popsicle stick to play with. Well after Nova would go back and forth between the two sticks occasionally taking Comet’s away from him, Comet dropped his on the floor and to my shock he sprinted towards her and stole it and ran back to the opposite side of the top of the cage on the play stand. It was so cute and funny. I didn't capture it but I’ll still send some pictures.  Nova was dumbfounded! He gave her a taste of her own medicine. Anyway, we still have yet to see comet drink! So hopefully he will learn soon enough. We give him 3 large grapes with every meal just to make sure he gets enough fluids. I’ve decided today I might give the grapes at the end of each meal so he doesn't only fill up on grapes, but trust me, he is a great eater! Oh, did you get pellets from my breeder? Are they completely natural or do they too have a few added vitamins? Also, we were out of seeds of last night. We give them 1 teaspoon mixed with two teaspoons of pellets once a day after dinner so they eat the good stuff first. My question is... is it safe to give them parrot seeds that still say added vitamin D and a few others? We know to stay away from artificial dyes so is it safe to give them a good mix even though it says fortified? We usually get them from the breeder so we are unaware of them having been "fortified," and we found a sunflower free mix, but I don’t know if that’s necessary since they eat so little of them in their overall diet. Anyway, your input would be appreciated. Also how were your holidays so far? Look forward to hearing back from you! Kurt and Stephen."



- "Hello Lilly, this is Ace! It’s been a few months now and Pheonix is doing great. She steps up, does some commands and is very confident. I wanted to thank you very much for all the information you provided and for answering all my dumb questions. I am so glad I listened to you regarding this parrot’s personality - she is a perfect fit for our family. She actually tolerates my 2year old harassing her when she gets the chance. For anyone reading this and may be on the fence, tell Lilly about your family and trust her to choose the baby bird to match. She has raised them from birth so she knows better than anyone about their temperament, I am living proof. Thanks for everything Lilly."



- "We are very happy with the birds we purchased from Solely Solomon Aviaries. They are both exceptionally beautiful. We do love watching them, and listening to their sounds. Sometimes they seem to be responding to us or sometimes they like singing. The price was fair and worth every cent. I am busy preparing their food in the morning, and love seeing them waiting for me to put their bowls down. They also know when their dinner time is. Sometimes, they make sounds to call my attention. The female sings with the music I keep on all day. They like most of the music I play but for some reason they do not like Frank Sinatra. They do love seeds, which I think they prefer over fresh fruit and vegetables. They are lovely couple. We call them Carl and Ellie (from the movie Up). Hope they grow healthy and strong. Thank you, Ted."



- "Hello Lilly! We just wanted to say hello and to give you an update on how our little Chuy is doing. Evan and I are so in love with him! Chuy is such a sweet bird! He just had his 5 month birthday and I am so impressed with how smart he is. We bought him his first foraging toy and he quickly figured it out within two days. Normally he leaves the toy open after he gets his treat but the other day he thought it would be funny to close it to confuse me! He has begun chattering and making hilarious sounds and we can't wait to hear him start speaking. This weekend he mimicked the rapid kissing sound I make when I smooch on him! He goes to visit family with me in his little harness and will step up and is very friendly to anyone that would like to hold him. My three year old Evan adores him and anywhere we go he tells people about "Chuy, my E-collectus!". Hahaha! Chuy steps up to Evan for supervised fun time and the three of us love to watch the movie "Rio" in bed and snuggle with him. He even showers with me. Evan and I can't thank you enough for our new best friend. You truly have a gift in raising these incredible birds and it shows in their health and temperament. Our bird vet saw Chuy after we brought him home and said he wanted to take him home with him. Thank you again for taking the time to answer all our questions and calm our pre-bird jitters. Chuy has been a wonderful addition to our family! Sincerely, Monica and Evan."



- "My husband and I had been searching for a good, reputable breeder for a baby Eclectus for weeks when we stumbled across Mrs. Lilly's website. After reading all the testimonials we were pretty sure we found our breeder. We also would get the pleasure of meeting her in person since we live in South West Louisiana. After confirming date and time, we started our short drive to Beaumont. There was lots of traffic and we thought we were going to be late, but Mrs. Lilly said it was no problem and she would wait for us. She made the entire experience pleasant and we also got to meet her very nice husband. She gave us lots of advice to help us along with little Nikolay. I have personally hand raised many birds and have never seen such a healthy, sweet baby as I did when she brought our little Nikolay out for us to meet. He has already melted our hearts and will continue to be spoiled as he clearly was in Mrs. Lilly's loving care. He is growing like a weed and we will always tell anyone for a healthy sweet baby to look up Mrs. Lilly. Christopher Allen Derouen & Christopher Keith Derouen, AKA Loving parents to our little Nikolay."  



- "Lilly, I just wanted to write you and let you know how thankful we are that we visited your website. My husband and I purchased a male (Mr. Murphy) from you last Christmas week. He is absolutely beautiful! He is the sweetest boy and I couldn't ask for more. He is starting to talk up a storm and sleep in our room! We all adore him and I thank you very very much! Carrie and Brandon."



- "Aloha Lilly. We wanted to tell you thank you very much. Our new baby girl, now 5+ months old, is doing great. She is singing and making lots of sounds. She loves to interact with our Goffin Cockatoo Gizzmo and Knowee our African Grey. I think they both have a crush on her as Knowee our African always sends her kisses. She is very sweet. She loves to just sit on my shoulder and cuddle with my wife. We all have a wonderful time in the morning eating and talking to each other. Many thanks to you. We realize raising these little angels is lot of work. Our hat’s off to you. Many mahalos (Thank you). Your process and package was perfect. It was very special. You should have seen the look on my wife’s and niece’s face when they saw her. Priceless. We will keep you updated on our baby "Kono Kona Kalakawa" and her very special life with us. Our blessing to you and yours. See you soon."



- "Hey Lily, just updating you! They are so sweet, they say hello every now and then but still they act like they don’t know how, and they are starting to make a lot of sounds. They both play dead, and now know what step up means. They are out of the cage all day. And if they ever have to use the restroom they make their way to the cage right away. We bring them everywhere and our family loves them. You did such a great job. They like to sleep under the blankets with me during the day, and my dog is starting to get used to them. Thank you again Lily."


- "Lilly, I just wanted to write you and let you know how thankful we are that we visited your website. My husband and I purchased a male ( Mr.Murphy) from you last Christmas week. He is absolutely beautiful!! He is the sweetest boy and I couldn't ask for more. He is starting to talk up a storm and SLEEP in our room!! We all adore him and I thank you VERY VERY much!! Carrie and Brandon and family :) "


- “From Marsha in Greene. NY…. On December 8, 2012, we went to the airport to bring the newest member of our family home. A female Eclectus that we have named “Miss. Emma May”. I will admit that we (my husband and I) were nervous about purchasing a bird from across the country from an unknown place (to us). However, Lilly made every effort to calm our worries. She answered every question and concern that we had. She made it a point to keep us updated on our bird’s progress in growth and development. We had a plan to have her flown into an airport in N.Y. in December, but we were allowing Lilly and the baby to decide exactly when (based on the birds weaning and developmental progress). When the bird arrived at the airport, I was extremely nervous about what would actually come. As soon as we had the carrier in hand, we found a safe place to open the carrier to ensure that the bird was well. The bird was extremely angry about having been in the carrier for several hours (we had no other choice), but we were in love immediately! We put her back in the carrier long enough to get her safely to the car and then she was let loose again. My daughter (a teenager) cuddled her all the way home. By the next morning, she wasn’t as mad, but sure had lots to say! ? It took us about 3 weeks to acclimate her to the household (many, many animals of various species, sizes and breeds) and the cage that she would share with her male counterpart. I waited a bit over a month to write this testimonial as I wanted to learn as much about this bird as I could so the testimonial and feedback was as accurate as possible. She is the most awesome, loving, sweet bird that I have ever seen (I have had a great number of birds in the past)!! She is 100% and more of what I was looking to get in a bird. She is so sweet! She loves being cuddled, kissed, loved and smothered with love! My male was partial to my husband’s attention as they both preferred to sit and just be, not to cuddle. However, Miss. Emma May is completely the opposite! She will spend the majority of her out of the cage time cuddling with me (she is defiantly a one person, my bird). She sits "nesting" for hours on my chest (just above my breasts) wrapped up in a blanket. She sits there on my chest and talks for hours on end (garbled speech like she's working on what she is trying to say). She is trying really hard to talk like the others (parrots) do. Lilly did an absolutely wonderful job with raising this bird (and many, many other birds, I’m sure!)! Emma is happy, healthy and absolutely wonderful!! It takes a dedicated animal lover to nurture and produce a bird such as Emma has come to be. Lilly has a gift! I’m sorry that this is so long, but I have so many wonderful things to say about Lilly (the breeder) and Emma (the bird)!! Please feel free to ask Lilly for my phone number or email address for a personal referral. Just on a side\personal note, I am a Bachelors degree level Professional Registered Nurse that is currently a School Nurse in NYS. I would not say something that is not accurate and 100% true as my entire life revolves around others trusting me. I love Lilly and I thank her a million times over!!!” Thank you Lilly!  


- "Hi Lilly, Wow, you sent us such a beautiful, healty baby female bird. We are amazed as how loveable she is and how quickly she took to us. She is growing up so fast just like a kid. I am a firm believer in the exercise routine you follow in raising these magnificent creatures. They love to fly and then they are quite pleased about it when done. I love to watch her as she is the prettiest bird I have. Don't tell the Africans (Grays) I said that Lilly! It has been such a pleasure working with you in the process of getting my new pet. Thank you for making sure she was safe and got to us so healty and happy! I am a customer for good now because of the quality of the animals you provide at a very reasonable cost. Happy new year...I look forward to the new arrival. My baby Ekkie boy!" From Steve


"I picked up my baby Eclectus female on the 27th October 2012 and I loved her from the moment I saw her! Truly a very beautiful bird! I have named her Ruby and she adjusted very well to her new home. She is a sweet natured gentle bird and is happy to go to anyone. Ruby has only been with me for 18 days now and is already kissing me and also making the kissing sound as well. She loved her first shower and also loves her food. Lilly has answered all my questions about her care and I know I can always count on her if I ever need more advice. Lilly truly loves her birds and I am so thankful that I got this FANTASTIC bird."From Daleen


"We are very happy with the birds we purchased from Solely Solomon Aviaries. They are both exceptionally beautiful. We do love watching them, and listening to their sounds. Sometimes they seem responding to us or sometimes they are like singing. The price was fair and worth every cent. I am busy preparing their food in the morning, and love seeing them waiting for me to put their bowls down. They also know when their dinner time is. Sometimes, they make sounds to call my attention. The female sings with the music I keep on all day. They like most of the music I play but for some reason they do not like Frank Sinatra. They do love seeds, which I think they prefer over fresh fruit and vegetables. They are lovely couple. We call them Carl and Ellie (from movie Up). Hope they grow healthy and strong." Thank you, Ted


"Hi Lilly! So sorry we didn't get you called back today! As you can imagine, it was a little chaotic here trying to get him settled in. I will have Preston give you a call back after school tomorrow.


The baby is doing really well and seems to be acclimating well so far. He really likes hanging out on the stand we got him. He wants to fly around quite a bit, so we've been keeping a very close eye on him so he doesn't get hurt. He's very sweet and is really good at stepping up and down, thanks to you. I love that he gives kisses. He's playful and loving. My Son adores him SO much and they spent some time sitting in his room and Preston read to him. Too darn cute! "


"Lilly this is Darlene Bice. Just wanted you to know Teka is doing well. She is eating well now and is adapting to our family. Thanks for your help. "


"hes so cute we love him so much the meeting went very well!!"


"Hi Lilly.... just wanted you to know that Rio is doing terrific.   He is just a really sweet boy.   Loves to be with us, out of his cage and interacting.  Sounds like he’s trying to talk.... different sounds he’s making.   We want you to know that we just love him.  


Just wanted you to know how well he’s doing and how grateful we are.  

Hope your doing well.


Mary Kirby"


"He's eating and drinking. Even playing with his toy!

So far so good! TY Lilly!

Will keep updating you!

Carrot seems to like him too.

I played the sound of your voice and you should of seen him perk up. He loves you! "


"All is well. We didn't get home til almost 3 this morning. Simon (I believe that's the name we settled on seem to just fit in. Will keep you posted"


"I got the birds and they are gorgeous "


"We are definitely happy with Ruby and the kindness you have show us throughout this process."


"Thank you so much for this, Lilly. I can't tell you how much it means to my wife and me. Matt"


"They are doing great, they are on my temporary bird perch until mine comes in this afternoon"


"They are doing great, they are on my temporary bird perch until mine comes in this afternoon"


"Cobie's first night home. ðŸ ðŸ¥â¤ðŸ’¤  So sweet. Name is Cobalt Blue. Cobie for short. "


"ate breakfast together"


"Lilly this is Darlene Bice. Just wanted you to know Teka is doing well. She is eating well now and is adapting to our family. Thanks for your help. "


"Hello Lily or Grandma Lilly we're doing fine the birdies are enjoying life in Montana and being quite mischievous and opinionated warmest regards Kathy and Vince"


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