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A beautiful, life-long feathered friend

Fall in love with the brilliant colors of adult and baby parrots. The male Solomon Island Eclectus is green, turquoise and red under his wings. The females are red, blue and purple.


Your parrots will weigh less than a pound and are 12 inches tall, being the smallest of the Eclectus species. The Eclectus parrots live up to 40 years of age so you will have constant companionship throughout your life thanks to Solely Solomon Aviaries.

Give a unique gift

Surprise your family or friends with a beautiful Solomon Island Eclectus! Solely Solomon Aviaries gladly delivers your feathered friends within all the continental United States.

Since 1996

• Closed operated aviary

• Hand-fed and socialized

• Service after sale

• 18 years of experience



Our health guarantee

You are highly encouraged to have your bird examined by a veterinarian of your choice within five days of purchase. If a health or well-being condition is determined, Solely Solomon Aviaries will either refund your money or replace the parrot with another of the same species, gender and age. More details.

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your Eclectus Parrot

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Since 1996

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