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Teach your parrot how to talk

The baby parrots of Solely Solomon Aviaries are hand-fed for three months until weaned and eating vegetables. This makes them exceptionally friendly and very affectionate pets for you and your family. Pick your favorite colors from stunning green, turquoise and red under it's wings for the  males or a beautiful blue, red and purple female.


You will love teaching your intelligent adult and baby parrots how to speak, say fun phrases and engage in conversations! Enjoy letting your feathered friend sit in your lap while you watch television. Give your attention to a beautiful Eclectus that needs a home.

A company you can trust

You can trust a closed operated aviary with over 18 years of experience. We never incubate eggs! You will adore your Solomon Island Eclectus, the smallest of its species.

Eclectus Pair

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Make memories with your new family member

Since 1996, Solely Solomon Aviaries has proudly raised baby parrots. You will feel overjoyed to know your new family member has a life span of almost 40 years! Share special moments and make memories and send your pictures and testimonials to share with others.


We would love to have your testimony of your new Eclectus, so they can be read by others. 

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