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Our Services Include:

• Service after sale

• FREE shipping for cages

• Bird delivery in 48 states


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Purchase a friendly and intelligent adult or baby parrot today! Fall in love with the beautiful colors and affectionate personality. Since 1996, all of the parrots are raised in a closed operating aviary.

Avian Health Guarantee

Solely Solomon Aviaries warrants that, at time of purchase, the bird(s) invoiced are in good health. The BUYER is encouraged to have the bird(s) examined by a veterinarian of his/her choice within 5 days of purchase. If during this 5 day period, the bird(s) are found to have a deadly condition that affects their health as determined by the examining veterinarian, Solely Solomon Aviaries agrees at it's discretion, to replace said bird(s) with bird(s) of same species.  This warranty does NOT apply to unweaned birds.


Special Note: Solely Solomon Aviaries discourages the purchase/sale of unweaned birds, however if a customer insists on purchasing an unweaned bird(s), he/she does so at their own risk.






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